Sonntag, 6. Mai 2007


Bryn Terfel
A Song in my Heart

CD |D|D|D| 477 6686 |G|M 2|
2 Compact Discs
Int. Release:June 2007 …


»With this new Portrait of the Artist collection, Bryn Terfel — “one of the world’s greatest singers and one of the most charismatic opera stars” (The Guardian) — has selected his favourite recordings of his opera arias and scenes, lieder and English songs, showstoppers from musicals and popular ballads to present a rounded picture of his career at Deutsche Grammophon.

There’s more: three Decca tracks, including an exquisite Mozart duet with Cecilia Bartoli and a hilarious Gilbert & Sullivan duet with Thomas Allen; a rare version of Amazing Grace with jazz guitarist Martin Taylor; and above all, two Welsh folksongs, sung by the 12-year-old Bryn just before his voice broke — one of them his live performance winning the Eisteddfodd (National Singing Competition) in Cardiff in August 1978.

The full-colour 24-page CD booklet has a newly-commissioned article by Nick Kimberley and includes rare of photos of Bryn from our archives.«

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